Friday, May 4, 2018


All the fanatics,
and all their fantasies.
Never swallow the pride,
nor follow any rules.
Hollow are their minds,
but never act like fools.
Because they never surrender.
Never surrender to be
the slaves of the past,
nor masters of tomorrow.
Because they do not know
to grieve the loss,
nor they know to heave
a sigh of relief.
Feeble is their belief of war,
because they do not know
what they’re fighting for.
They will never win,
nor they will kill
the enemies.
Because they do not know
how it feels to bleed
on the battlefield.
They do not know to yield,
nor to lead.
Because they do not know
what surrender means.
To those who never lived,
nor loved a soul.
Giving up was never their trait.
Emotions weren’t that great.
And, they accepted their fate.
Like a poem never surrendered
to the prose.
Used brevity like a rose,
stories too never surrendered
to rainbows.

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