Monday, July 9, 2018


You never know
how to deal with a loss,
from the moment you lose.
The only thing we’ll know,
is pain, anguish, and sorrow
of knowing
that the person won’t be here
We grieve, mourn and weep,
we try to unravel
every memory out of the deep
corners of our soul.
We stop believing
and keep bereaving.
His voice echoes infinitely,
his light shines brightly.
The life, as we knew it,
is no more around us.
The mirror broke, yet it spoke
a million words.
He stays on the other side now,
reflecting on our lives.
He has not passed away,
but has passed on
his life, his light,
his learning and wisdom
in a new vessel.
The vessel crawls, shrieks,
giggles, falls.
We fall apart,
and we fall in love
with the new life.
yet, the loss
is never forgotten.
We cannot stop
the teardrops.
We cannot disband
the emotional bond.
We can, however,
love him forever
for all he did, all he was,
and all he has left behind.
A loving heart,
and a spirited mind.

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