Tuesday, March 20, 2018

God is a delay

I’ve prayed for You,
for quite some time now.
Deliver your blessings.
Yes, I’ve gotten aggressive.
I’ve gotten impatient.
Because You made me
a mortal, a human,
a dreamer.
I am here now,
demanding You
my dreams.
I cannot live long, to watch
my apocalypse.
I am here now,
challenging Your design
of my unfathomable mind.
There must be some glitch
in Your perfect universe.
The prayers must have been
lost in transit.
Fill the empty space with some air.
Spread love everywhere.
The message isn’t meant to die
in the letter.
It would be better,
if You were Speed,
and blessed me with Godspeed.
But, here I am,
waiting for You,
to show me the way.
What’s the delay?
Am I not loud enough?
Am I not clear enough?
Am I not yet ready for Your deliverance?
Speak with me. You haven’t bestowed
me with superpowers.
I am super-normal. I do not understand
invisible supers and subtitles of life.
Please listen to my heartbeat.
It’s wearing off with excessive hope
that You have named as “Optimism”.
It’s not even a religion like Buddhism.
Give me answers, or give me peace.
The world doesn’t take my word,
as it is.
God... is indeed a delay.
Now it’s time to save the day.

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