Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In your eyes

What did I pour
into this empty little glass?
Felt like I was looking
into your deep brown eyes.
It was a beauty I’d never seen before.
It tasted like truth.
Cold, like your heart
Warm, like your lips.
I felt the fire,
in this arctic relationship.
It made me laugh.
It made me mad.
I wondered what I am doing
with my tasteless life?
Sobriety was a dream, and this?
This was reality.
I got expressive.
I wish got aggressive.
But I never let you know
how much I loved
to be with you.
To be in your embrace.
I wish you could see
what burned inside me.
I wish I could show my inferno.
And so you know.
It was our untold love story.
The one I lived,
and the one
you never knew existed.
It was our unsung ballad.
The one where I wept my heart off,
and the one you never heard of.
All this
I could see in your eyes
Your deep brown eyes
Every time I pour
the whiskey in my glass.

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