Monday, January 11, 2016

Three words away

My words trembled
everytime she smiled.
It was heaven
I guess so,
which made her
so blissfully wild.

Her incessant talks
endangered the words.
It was beautiful
I guess so,
which made me
wander within worlds.

My heartbeats stopped
when I looked
into her eyes.
The universe somehow
explained me why
she was made
for the lovers
of the paradise.

I cannot tell
how I feel.
Three magical words
seem so distant.
In my heart,
she lives lavishly.
In my life,
she’s a blessing.
Though she’s near,
she’s yet so far.
She knows not,
the state of
my cupid scars.
But she will,
one fine day,
when she hears
those three words
from a million,
million miles away.

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