Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The World of Emotions: Is this the Infinite Galaxy?

Sometimes I wonder what if our Milky Way was made of emotions and not just planets spinning around aimlessly in the airless darkness. We would never co-exist; that’s the fact. All the love that we share with each other has transpired into beautiful relationships that we all cherish so much. If the world is made of people we love, it is also made of people we despise. It is also made of people who inspire us and people who never retire from being assholes. In short, the world we live in has been divided into two. And it’s not a religious divide; it’s not a political divide; neither it’s a divide of philosophies. In my view, it is a true divide of nature’s choice.
Nature has always chosen wisely when it comes to its own survival. I’ll just paraphrase Paul Coelho when he quoted on people who were talking about saving earth, saving trees; this is what trees had to say, “We don’t need to be saved. The earth will live. Go save yourselves”.
Revisiting the thought of nine planets having nine different emotions, I wonder what emotion Planet Earth would possess. Is it Wonder? Pride? Wrath? I’d rather assume Planet Mercury; the one closest to The Sun would be the most furious one. What if each planet was meant to possess just one emotion and not more than that? We all can argue that The Sun is eternally hot. It never cools down. Well, 3000 Kelvin is cooler than 4000 Kelvin. And there are other suns bigger, hotter and cooler than ours. Imaginations are one thing, and possibilities are another. Just like we can all imagine of one person who always loves everything, no matter what. But the possibility of that person existing in real life is scant. Even Dalai Lama doesn’t love everything. He hates terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and pessimism.
For a person to be pure, he is indeed made of many such galaxies deeply incarcerated in his soul. It is only a matter of finding the key to unlock those infinite emotions and that process takes a lifetime. Not every person unlocks every emotion within. Some die within the person, creating a wormhole that allows all the dark matters to pass through and annihilate other emotions conveniently. When the person finds a true soulmate, that’s when the souls see through the darkness and turn on the “Emergency Lights”. It is only then; all the true emotions are seen in its purest form. It is like a spotlight flashed upon the artist performing on the stage. Joy is transformed into smiles, love is nakedly visible in the glittering eyes, peace is conquered with union of the souls, anger is dispensed into tears, courage live in their hearts, while sadness, fear and disgust disappear into darkness when the two close their eyes and kiss the world they have just embraced.

Most of the times the unlocked emotions play foul and spoil the relationships. As they are on the verge of convergence with a Black Hole, they turn people into assholes. The soulfully meaningless conversations don’t matter anymore. The blissfully useless gifts don’t count anymore. The eternally mindless love doesn’t exist anymore. I would not blame the person, but I would rather blame the vulnerability of emotions at certain moments. They are just destined to be ruined. The nature will take its course. The tides will rise again. The flowers will blossom again. The Black Hole-turned-asshole will be a fine soul once again. It’s the optimism that keeps the world alive and kicking. And just imagine the Infinite Galaxies of Emotions full of optimistic creatures in it. Voila!

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