Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Is it worth?

How long can you be a child,
and not be wise?
Is it worth the tears in the eyes,
or unworthy of a memorable paradise?

How long can you be in love,
and never get into a fight?
Is it worth proving oneself right,
or unworthy of looking into the brightest light?

How long can you overlook your dreams,
and live in the chaos of today?
is it worth losing your way,
or unworthy of all the prayers you pray?

How long can you live in guilt,
and revel your blunder?
Is it worth the emotional thunder,
or unworthy of The Karma’s wonder?

How long can you feel the pain,
and not let the wound to heal?
Is it worth the penance of an imbecile,
or unworthy of kindness you feel?

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