Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday: A dream popped true

After the day’s work when I was going back home, I had the most mesmerizing time. While I was in the parking lot, a dog appeared out of nowhere and I couldn’t recognize its breed. It looked monstrous enough to scare me and fall down from my bike, but it was cute enough to lick my face when I was frightfully staring at it. I somehow tackled the cute monster and rushed home.
When I entered the hall and was checking my answering machines, I had a couple of random calls just leaving their name and number, one of which was Daniel. I’d never heard that name in my life and neither had I heard about anyone else. Suddenly, something happened and I had a shotgun in my hand. It looked like I was some sort of serial killer and the name and numbers given to me were targets I was supposed to eliminate. I had no clue how, when or why did I turn into “Donnie Darko” and start killing people for no reason. When I gave up the battle of thoughts, it struck me like a lightning. I was a “Time Traveller” who turned evil when I lost my memory.
I surely don’t remember having any accidents, but one thing that keeps hitting me like déjà vu is – my diary. I always keep notes of everything and I began searching for it. First of all, I couldn’t get a single thing written in it. The only thing I could connect is the handwriting. It matched with mine and I could tell that I had written it before and it’s for me to write. I kept the diary in my bag and was about to leave, but then I remembered something – a name, a face, a place and a voice. It was so creepy that all my organs had a winter chill and the diary shone like Christmas tree.

I ran towards the place that I’d already mapped in my brains and began to scan the face that was registered in my mind. When I found the person, I realised that he was my mentor and he taught Research Strategy. He had trained me to identify people and categorize them into Target Audience and Non-Target Audience. What I did all my life was, gathering all the Non-Target Audience data, hence those random names and numbers. When I opened my bag, the diary had stopped glowing and my mentor took it. He opened a few pages and there were a couple of tiny violet paper plane boats with a long stick in its back. He handed them over to me and asked me to take good care of them. I couldn’t even hold them properly and I dropped one down. Suddenly, all the other boats began to glow again and I couldn’t think of any bright ideas (the irony). So, the best thing I could do was, to crush all of them till they exploded in my palm. But instead, when I crushed them, I began to glow and I saw a bright white light. If I could define the ultimate opposite word for absolute darkness, this was it. I didn’t know if I was time travelling or I was dead. I tried closing my eyes, but in vain. The next thing I remember seeing was Daniel. And NO! He was not an angel, and I was not a murderer. We were mere strangers sitting in a bar last night and we celebrated his birthday. He took so long to pop the cork everyone in the bar began to think if he had an erectile dysfunction. Finally, the bartender came to rescue and helped him pop. Unfortunately, I was the victim who got shot and blacked out. Everything that I saw and experienced after that, was just a dream!

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