Saturday, June 22, 2013

Play of God: Time Travelled

Chapter 2:

Adrian was alive, and blood was still oozing out of his skull like musical fountain. Sara and Lima were holding him in their arms and crying as if he was dead. Adrian lifted his right hand and pointed towards the entrance of the theatre. He’d seen something, rather someone; but who was it?
Adrian’s body was in the theatre, but his soul was time travelling in the future. He’d seen havoc in his family. Though immortality wasn’t an affordable luxury to him, the visions he had were a flamboyant curse. In the future, Adrian had an Oedipus moment with his own paternal aunt and that experience dragged Adrian out of his body and soul and got him to this theatre. Here, he confronted his own dark shadow of the future which beat him up and young Adrian was lying on the floor bathing in his own blood. All that Sara and Lima could hear from Adrian’s voice were two things – “Black Eagle, and Dark Horse
Adrian had seen himself tattooed with a “Black Eagle” on the back of his neck, and a dark horse on his left chest. He had grey spiky hair and fiery eyes. He was numb with feelings and had no heart. Sara and Lima nursed the wounds on Adrian’s skull and they were taking him back home. The sisters noticed a small cube made of diamonds and gold right below the wall where Adrian was attacked. The cube looked like a sugar crystal, but more pinkish and there was an inscription on it which read “Meow”. For them, the symbol of a cat was a bad omen, but they didn’t bother anyway as they had to take Adrian to a safe location at the earliest. Sara was very much emotional at that moment and she offered a kiss on Adrian’s forehead and mumbled,”Come back to us brother.” Adrian had no response to stimulus whatsoever. Sara and Lima were running down the alley and there stood a group of tall grotesques in black robes. The girls stood still, their hearts pounding, and Adrian motionless. Their leader quietly neared the sisters and with a baritone he asked, “Hand over the pie.” Sara and Lima were perplexed. They didn’t know what the man was asking. Both shared a blank stare with each other and with an ailed voice, Sara answered, “What are you looking for? We couldn’t comprehend your requirement.”
“The cube! My dear Bohemian sisters” he briskly answered.

Sara slowly put her hand in the pouch and reached for the crystal. The daughter of the illusionist and a theatre artist was playing in her court and she knew exactly what it was. Sara held the cube in her palm and ordered the man in the black robe, “If you seek for it, you shall see the unseen.” The man stretched his arms to grab the crystal and Sara dropped it on the floor. The whole place exploded with pitch black darkness all around.

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