Saturday, June 22, 2013

Play of God: The story of a family theatre

Chapter 1:

Sara, Lima and Adrian were three children born to a royal family in the city of Prague. It was the Renaissance era when the thirty years war led to destruction and sheer Reformation. The kingdom had abandoned its citizens and most of them were gypsies, known as Romanis. The curse upon the royal family was certainly laid to eternity. Albeit the entire ruckus, the three siblings had discovered a way to explore the wonders in the ruins of their own castle.
Sara was the eldest of them all and fairest of them all, resembling the snow white princess. She always was the torch-bearer of these adventurous explorations because she had a gift; a very powerful memory of the past. Though she was just thirteen and had just reached her puberty, metamorphosis was not only in her physique, but in her mind as well. She’d inherited all the prerequisites of being a queen. At five foot seven, she looked gorgeously stunning in her dress which clearly protuberated her cleavage. Lima was the younger one, next in the line to being the princess. Unlike Sara, Lima resembled her father who was lean and skinny, yet had tough nerves to survive the battle of the odds all because of his persuasive power; the king was a great negotiator. He knew to cast the magic spell of words effectively and did it damn good to rule the entire kingdom. Lima was such a girl; she’d mastered the craftsmanship of verbosity. She was five foot four at the age of eight and she’d just begun to grow. Adrian was a six year fairly resembled his mother. He was the youngest of them all and absolutely the apple of everyone’s eyes. Sara and Lima both loved him more than themselves and reason was heart-rending. Their mother passed away after giving birth to Adrian, but left one thing behind as a legacy to carry on for Adrian; DREAMS! Adrian was purely a mixture of Sara and Lima. He had a combined force inbuilt in him right from his birth; the power to reminisce and a precognitive vision. Sara and Lima had no idea what the world had to offer for Adrian when he would turn ten. Some called him an illegitimate child born to a gypsy with whom the king had courted, but the truth was something else.

The queen; Keona, came from a gypsy family; one amongst the very own Prague citizens. The king was dumbfounded when he saw the beautiful woman for the very first time fifteen years ago. She was a woman who could cast a spell with her subtle smile. Her family had an age-old profession into theatres and plays. Apart from being a gypsy, Keona was an illusionist and a playright artist. She constributed a lion share to keep the family tradition alive and married to the king eventually, and blessing him with three timeless and invaluable gems. A dark shadow was following the exuberance these three kids carried everywhere, and it was neither the haunting memories of their mother, nor certain fear of death in future, but the shadow was of their own souls. On their quest of exploring the ruins of their own house, Sara found a theatre in the backyard of the castle. Lima and Adrian followed silently dodging the debris. Sara was hit by a sudden flash of commotion in her mind where she saw people dying under the collapsing theatre. While she was back from the blast of the past in a fraction of a second, the concrete of the balcony below her feet had cracked and she was hanging to an iron rod. Lima and Adrian stared blankly, not knowing what to do. Sara slowly loosened the grip and landed safely on the ground which was just six inches below. Lima and Adrian rushed to the ground floor and inspected Sara briefly. All three moved towards the washroom area which looked brightly lit and broken to the core. While Sara and Lima were surfing through the area, they heard Adrian shriek. When both the sisters reached Adrian, he was lying on the floor, his head profusely bleeding and the white wall of the washroom was crimson tinted. Adrian was unconscious, but still breathing.

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