Sunday, June 23, 2013

Play of God: A Comic Revelation

Chapter 3:

Adrian had come back to life in the darkness. The “Black Eagle” and the “Dark Horse” were taking everyone through the wormhole and the pathway seemed like a dreadful abyss. For Sara and Lima, it seemed like a usual commutation from work to home. The destination was unknown, but the vehicle was pretty amazing. Finally, they landed in India. The place didn’t seem familiar to any of them. It wasn’t medieval times, but the Modern Age. The man in the black robe was unmasked, and his hands were tangled in a gate arch of an entrance near a fast food chain. The man looked comical and sad. Sara and Lima were starving anyway and they thought of eating something.
Adrian had disappeared from the place at the same instance when they reached this strange place called “The Beach.” The Bohemian family had never seen a sea in their life and Adrian was the curious of them all. Sara and Lima completed feasting on the black cookies dipped in milk cream and went home. The sisters always had an unusual way to travel. They time travelled to escape the Dark Menace, and now they levitated splendidly over the Arabian Sea and landed quietly in the place where Adrian was praying.
“Lima. I think Adrian is all fine now. Maybe we should go.” Sara told her sister with teary eyes.
“I think not. We should wait until the sun sets. The view is wonderful from here.” Lima looked at Adrian and said.
Adrian’s place of prayer, his house, was a peninsula. It was covered by sea from three sides. Adrian was on sitting on his knees, facing the sun, his hands joined, and the sun about to set; Lima was in no condition to miss this moment. The waves were transcending gradually as the moon was about to smile at the sun’s descent. When Adrian opened his eyes, a huge wave was bordering into the house. Adrian quickly got up and closed the doors, but water had breached in already. Sara and Lima shared a glance with Adrian. All three looked at each other with question marks dancing over their heads. Adrian breezed towards the door and opened it wide. The sun was shining again and there was a heavy traffic in front of the door.
Adrian’s father had brought a cab and they were about to go on a pilgrimage. The traffic was smoothly moving on the water surface and there was no sign of roads. Sara and Lima had disappeared from the scene now and Adrian had a feeling; “Welcome to India girls.

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