Friday, June 28, 2013

Cooperative Growth: A possible myth, or an impossible truth?

As time flies, people around you tend to know your strengths and weaknesses. While some try and help you to capitalize on your strengths, some try to take advantage of your weaknesses. The motive of the efforts can be pretty simple to understand with the kind of response you get. Similar experiences I had to have so as to get closer to the impossible truth; or do I say a possible myth?
Here’s the story. Everyone wants to move up in life. That’s no mystery. But one thing we all expect is, moving up with a set of principles which can be an example for everyone else to follow. Well, sometimes we end up doing a mediocre job where you oscillate between your home and office and react to nothing on the way, or we do something we love to do and enjoy what we do all the day. We all start afresh at some point. When you are born and raised with principles, you live up to it, look up to it, and seek for it wherever you go. If you don’t find it, you don’t belong there. At work, you always have a role model whom you religiously follow. You want to be that person when you grow old. Rather, you’d want your role model to retire and you’d takeover that place. That’s the attitude, the idea of growth you think you would have. Unfortunately, not most of us get to live our dreams.
In the area of business, there’s nothing called as a “One man army.” Either physically or figuratively, there are people, who inspire you, guide you, love you, despise you, help you and most dreadfully, screw you. There are two types of people in all; those who want to grow by being each others’ support, and those who want to demean others and rise up. People with principles always like the former approach. They are the ones who are not in a hurry to be filthy rich. Being recognized and respected is their ultimate purpose in life, albeit their ‘not-so-glorious’ lifestyle. The latter approach is a favourite for those who know how to use people rather than taking their help. That’s the thin line of differentiation they fail to see and cross the boundaries of self-restraints. They seem to be adventurous, taking risks and making big bucks; they eventually either end up being lampooned by losers on the way, or ignore the ones who try to stop them from being doomed.
Why do we need to grow together? Is that really necessary? I think I am good all alone. I can perform better by myself. And many more thoughts we come across when we think we’re better off ourselves, but we still need a consolidated mentorship. As the youth of this turbulent generation, I always feel I need to learn a lot from the medieval principles. In the era where we still celebrate when our best friend fails in the exams, is a good sign that we are still optimistic. But looking at the bigger picture, we are leaving an unpredictable legacy behind. The joy of honest togetherness is missing vehemently, not just in reality of personal life, but in professional life as well. As brothers and sisters, we see a family in friends (excluding the flirtatious ones) and we see a family in professional life too. Whom do you trust and whom you do not? Who do you think will let you grow along with them and who do you think will grow by not letting you to? Some questions still hang in the balance of poetic justice. Either let karma deliver it for you, or dare give up your scrupulous life and steal the justice in dire desperation. We are superheroes when it comes to being a sole performer. But, when times comes to be a “Justice League”, or “The Avengers” we all have undeniable ego issues. If that is erased, we can definitely “Save the world” from aliens or being alienated in our own world.

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