Friday, December 28, 2012

Where is God?

I was staring at the sky,
and searching for the joy!
The clouds and sun smiled,
I was reborn as a child,
I waved my hands in the air,
to touch the snowy glare.
My head was high,
as I passed by.
The bells rung,
The idols sung,
God was somewhere up above,
stretching his arms, spreading love.
I found peace,
in the blowing breeze.
I found the divine,
in the flowing stream-line.
He lives in the nature,
He lives in every creature.
He makes the sun rise and set,
He makes the ocean wet.
I’ve prayed with a smile,
He’s blessed in His style.
I’ve hoped, I’ve dreamt,
I’ve traveled in ascent.
I’d asked for strength,
He’s paid in length,
his life of million souls.
He is there on my way,
guiding me every day,
in my quest of rest.
I rise, I bow, I live my best.

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