Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mystic Mist: When Souls Weep!

She was standing in the corner while I was leaving the cubicle and going to my home, FOREVER! Nothing had changed between us, except her glance at me that was screaming aloud, “Please don’t leave me alone!” All I could do is, just see! All our memories that we spent together were flashing in front of my eyes like a Time-lapse and her eyes got wet in an instance. I dropped my bags and tried to embrace her in my arms, but she had drawn a line so thick that I was honestly out of her view. She was expecting a rose to blossom on a dry and futile soil by watering it with her tears, but roses didn’t bloom with the colors of love! It grew nostalgic in her memories and she kept his garden of memories alive, with her sweetness all around!

Everyday, the roses were of different colors. Someday they grew in red when he missed her and cried the invisible tears; someday, they grew green when the reminisced the luscious memories he had with her; and someday the roses turned brutally black when he dreamt of her being distanced from him! Nobody knew how the garden was so lush and occupied all the time. Only thing the passersby saw was, the garden was getting attractive. It was once a barren land and not even a fly wandered around now had honey bees humming all over!

I was not in a condition to leave, but I was not in a condition to live either! Life without her was something I’d never imagined I’d be living it someday! I was anyway departed and all I had with me, was my bunch of crazy notes in my notepad, that she loved everytime I doodled, a handful of diaries which had my life’s story in it, and a heart full of her love and longing which will last in me as long as my soul has a heart and the conscience to love God! All that she wanted was me, to be so close to her that, she could see me with her eyes closed and now I am living like a King of her dreams! I do not know where her palace is and what she does daily to keep her smile alive on her face. All that I know is, there is always a mystic mist in her eyes everytime I see her smiling! I wish it is a joyful moisture and I pray God to keep us blessed with the love for each other till His daylight ends!


Nisha Thapar said...

Beautiful :)

northenlights said...

You were right, those who learn it, dont pass! Those who pass, almost always copy (are fake). I will always bless you that you find her soon. She's gonna be one lucky gal....with lots of love from her soulmate...just like I am blessed!