Sunday, July 3, 2011

“A Bluetooth” weds “An ipod”: Techno-Logically SOUND???

Looking at a larger populace, it was all in the urban cities where the myth of “Heavenly Marriages” was trashed into the ‘Recycle Bin!Love at first sight happened every time and every day! I am still not sure what made the men so “Wi-Fi” who love to work offline even while they are home, and why are women so much plugged into their own song? Is it the work alone, or the surrounding that is changing them? I saw trees being cut, just in the name of “Urban Development” and later cry on the same song; “Save Earth” all along!

What are we actually up to? It is really frustrating to some of the environmentalists who find this act to be vexing to the ecology, but industrialists try to compensate the loss by planting trees evenly! Well, maybe this is a magnanimous move but think over; the climatic conditions, the economic situations, the group of people; all that were there few decades back, it will never be the same NOW! If, in our generation, we get killed and our daughters were traded to brothels, would that sound something compensating??? That is what exactly we are doing with the trees.

Speaking of a wedding between the “Remote” guy who lies somewhere in the corner of his office from nine-to-nine, with a woman who loves to be out of her house for shopping, shopping and more shopping, watching soaps, soaps, and more soaps, talking, talking and more talking, from morning nine-to-eight-fifty-nine, and wait for her husband, for that one stupid minute, makes him think, how much work she does at home! Maybe few of them work in a reverse order, but the application of this statement goes to the majority! A woman’s life is on a shuffle mode always, and every moment is a surprise! A man always tries to connect with her without making her understand what he actually wants and I bet, a woman is a great “Bluetooth” device who can detect your emotions and connect with them, and even more advanced, she can listen to them at times and also, dance to your heartbeats! What “We” men and Women need to understand is, love happens every now & then in our lives. We only have to make sure, it happens with each other all the time without being distracted; in this case, it is not the urban life that is the ultimate destiny of happiness! Some things in life did last eternally happy even when there was no technology and we need to keep in mind that, “Sophistication” is the “Means” to improve life, not the “End!