Friday, July 1, 2011

A Blasphemous Brahmin: Not so Untrue either!

As a child, I always had this irritating habit of questioning things that our elders did as part of a typical “Brahmin’s Ritual”. I still argue with them on the ancient topic of, ‘whether egg is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian food?’ and the debate is just for getting the best things out of each other. My father always used to ask me to do some thing or the other in the ritual, but those days, I was honestly innocent! I asked him straight away few things; like instance, “why do we eat only vegetarian food? Why do we take out our pants & shirts while having food? Why do we not have to touch the poojari at the temple? Why this & why that…” it continued eternally.

For few of the questions, I got my answers and was fairly convinced, but I still don’t get the reason, why in most of our temples we (men) have to take off our clothes and take the darshanam of God, while women don’t! If at all the personnel of the temple has a doubt that the devotees are not Brahmin then they should clearly make those regulations aware to the crowd. If at all, the cleanliness is the criteria, then it must be instructed that all the devotees should take bath & come! Now I think it would be difficult for the devotees to prove that unless they keep some lather unwashed from their body! When it comes to purity of soul, no person on this earth is pure. Each and everyone of us are tainted with some or the other stuff. Even a saint is tainted with spirituality and he finds pleasure in it, even though there is more joy in the other world of realism, which he denies to accept!

I can be criticized on my remarks on what I say, but some of the questions still remain unanswered. May be the religion is very important and no blasphemy will be tolerated against it, but every religion was formed on some principles then. Now, things have changed; people seek normalcy in life and salvation is neither in chanting mantras that we can’t pronounce nor we can understand! Sanskrit was the ancient language that was formed by our ancestors and we respect them for creating a base for building up our wisdom. Nothing would change, if the world still spoke the same universal language. Just look around us and try to question yourself? Why there are so many continents? Why there are so many languages? And why there are so many religions? Who created this difference? Man? Or God? Answer lies within us!

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