Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Jailor of Beauties: Capturing Moments of Love

Whenever I look at the skies, I fall in love with the clouds. I wish I had a handful of them in my pockets and played with them like cotton balls making funniest shapes out of them. I always try to see something new in everything old. The silver lining on the clouds are the most seductive curves I’ve ever seen and every time I see it, it brings a blushing smile on my face that radiates out from all my agonies which die a death of ignorance. And when the rains are heavily lashing on the grounds, and I don’t have any silver-lining clouds to watch and beautify my joys, I look at the rain itself. Nothing can be more expressive than rains, and nothing can be heavier, yet so light, like clouds. The clouds hold rains ready to be charged, ready to befriend earth, ready to take the strike of the thunder and yet bring smiles on million faces downstairs.

Sometimes, clouds seem to be angry, clouds seem to be upset, but never are they away from the sea. All the life, clouds serve the sea to keep it abundant, vibrant and occupied. They say that sky is always blue, but not the sea. The sea reflects the colors of the sky and sky (clouds) are always monochromic. It is only when the rains fall down during the sunshine; clouds show a smiley of rainbow. For us, on the ground, we see the smiley inverted, but for the clouds, it is straight (from the heart)! I always wanted to touch the rainbow, capture it in my palm; also tried experimenting to make it on my own. I took water in my palm, sprayed some water around in a jiffy and flashed a beam of light, but I couldn’t make the rainbow. I realized that, all that is a creation of Nature, cannot be manmade; not even a single blade of grass.

If we see from that perspective, even smile is not our invention when we look at the rainbow. Tears are not our invention if we look at the rains; wrath is not our invention, if we look at the volcanoes. Whatever we are today, is already there in the nature from the Day of its Creation. All we are trying to do here on earth is, just make a living out of the Gift we have. Nature is not a “GIFT” for us! It is US! We are made with each and every element that exists on this planet and emotions though may not exist on the ‘Periodic Table’ as a vital element of our existence, it surely comes as an inheritance from Nature that we are made up of!

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