Sunday, July 10, 2011

He Raped My Eyes!

I wasn’t far from home

When I walked few miles down!

I saw a wicked Improper Noun!

And he had a very rabid genome!

I wasn’t that woman with a charm

But my puberty was now a curse!

I didn’t give a damn about my Gucci Purse!

I prayed that he ran sans causing harm

I never had a habit to breed lies

And I began doing it since that day

I am trying to protect my dignity in dismay

From the day, He Raped My Eyes!

I’ve got my glares on…

I’ve got my scarf on…

I’ve hidden in my own image

I can’t see my own cleavage!

I now roam like a Dead Mummy!

I wish I’ll soon get rid of this Teenage!

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