Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“You’ll find someone better than me”!

I hear this answer everytime I see someone expressing their love and that ‘someone’ is benevolent enough to let you go (because you are told that he/she must be lucky to be your true love)! You don’t need anyone like the one whom you love because they are not worth you: this is what they have to say when you speak out, but when you are quiet, sitting silently watching your love getting married to someone else, you are termed as a “Gruesome Hypocrite” who is coward enough to keep his mouth shut when he was supposed to speak.
Of all the girls/ladies/women I’ve met till now, I’ve seen life from totally different perspectives. I don’t deny the fact that I love my mother the most and that stands as a sempiternal truth. Not just because she gave birth to me, the reasons for loving mother I feel need no explanations. My mother would never say, “Move on son! You’ll find someone better than me”! Next on the list comes my sister, who is my “humsafar” and “hum-suffer” throughout my journey of life till now. She too will never say, “Move on Bro! You’ll find someone better than me”! The most challenging ones are the next ones whom I call as “Friends”. This one is difficult for me to digest because friends; who are girls can colloquially be called as ‘girlfriends’, but friends who are women; I find it hard to name, what to be called as, for them, and what to call them too. Everyone has a father figure, a role model what they say; in my case I have a “Mother Figure” and she doesn’t like her name to be revealed on any such forums. Other friends of mine who have been my best friends from long time, I guess, till now, never they have said this; “C’mon dude! Forget me! You’ll find many more best friends, better than me”! Few of my friends are friends, (Courtesy: facebook) and fortunately unfortunately, I’ve met few of them whom I never knew and now we’re good friends. May be after some days, I may get to hear this from some of them, “It’s okay dear! Don’t worry! You’ll find someone better than me”!
I am not worried of what makes them say what! My habit of auto-writing would never end unless I am questioned on my thoughts. Why did I like someone so much, how much do I like them and what did I like so much in that person compared to others, I really am not designed to analyze relations with that rigor. For God’s sake, I am not here to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Emotional Relationship Management. I love to do what I am good at and that is my World Of Words! Even when I passed out of my school, college, my teacher never said, “Carry on my Child! You’ll find someone better than me”! Their intention was to see me successful whatsoever; provided the means I chose were right!
I agree that life is an expedition and we all have to move on with it, but when we see some beautiful flowers on the way, some rivers running to meet the sea, some trees dancing to the tunes of the heavenly symphony, you tend to fall in love with it and befriend the Godly nature. Even God would never bestow the nature to reply you in denial saying, “Go away! You Sick Traveler! You’ll find something better than this”!

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northenlights said...

For once, you sound like a normal human! I expect great work from u!