Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: Ice Breaker

This is a story about two people! A guy who is a symbol of happiness who spreads cheers and leers all around & a girl, who is a lucky charm to most of her friends and kins, but she has never been happy. They never met each other though, but wherever they were, they spread positivity. It happened one day that, they got to talk with each other, and share some smileys, talk nonsense stuff and had a tiny luscious quarrel on who loves whom the most. It was pure magic that, both of them won even after losing the war of words!

The Happy Man, was like a bull in the China Market at every stage of his life. While he was a kid, he never kept any of his toys intact. Every new thing in his hand would turn into a piece of junkyard trash the next moment. While he was a teenager, he never was that rough on the go, but never listened to anyone. He’d sway in his own tune and be happy even while he lied to his parents few times. When he entered his twenties, he was a totally different being on this earth than he was before. Selectively silent, a keen listener and sharp observer, who always loved to savor the beauty and lock them into his books with words. He has been terse to his feelings and proliferated in expressions.

The Angel, on the other demographic side, is literally a lucky charm with whoever she is. She makes others envious of those who possess her (as a friend, lover or even a sibling)! She was a kind of “Love Guru” who solved problems of everyone’s love-life, but it was a curse I believe, that she never was lucky enough to get what she’d dreamt of. The life she wanted to live, the ones she loved, was never hers. She never liked to be lonely, but while she kept everyone smiling, they moved on in life and went away to find their own destiny with the ones they loved. The ones who were with her, loved to live with her and that itself was the happiness isle for the Angel!

How did the Cursed Angel meet The Happy Man??? Please wait for the next episode… J

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