Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Life: On the Brighter side of the Wormhole!

To my family, I’ve always been a procrastinating kid who still doesn’t know to drive a car, who doesn’t know to save money and most of all, who is not yet married… Some sad parts of my life will rest with me and I’d like to kill them with a death of ignorance (as I keep telling everyone)! Nevertheless, I’ve seen my parents proud of me lately because of my book release and that has nothing to do with the three factors listed above. Apart from being a boring lecturer (at present; because of examinations and me, having not much work), I tend to be active on my blog and facebook most of times, and this was causing some serious academic illness to me. It was time for me to go and figure myself out, on the other side of my life.

My best friend, Vinayak, has been with me for almost more than a year now and there isn’t much difference in my family and his (contextually)! We have been part of each other’s “Everything” (except THAT) and there’s no doubt that we’re considered NOT to be STRAIGHT (which is not true)! We always say that, our lives were very beautiful when we were studying, when were just with us and a bunch of our buddies around. There has been a major metamorphosis in us from the day we’ve been working and seriously nothing productive has resulted from our personal life decisions. We’re terrible planners and from past 3 months we’re planning to prepare “Rasam” at home, but daily we have something that is out of our usual schedule. We meet one evening and suddenly plan to go out for a tour. Similar such thing happened when I was down & out on my poignant meter, and he called me to his sister’s “House warming” function and I instantly agreed to join.

We left on Friday noon at 12, and we were with few relatives of his, as his parents had already left in an Indica. I was happy that I was going with him in his car, not because it was posh, but I’d get bored to death if I was in the other one. We went to Pune via Narayangaon, Saswad and trust me; the panorama was soothing, heavenly and had an impeccable view. When we reached Pune, to his sister’s place, most of them were strangers to me, but I made up with my starting problem, and opened the “Works Session” with some chat. I began to work in the function and made few of the eyebrows rise and ask, “Who’s he???” The new house was on the fourth floor and the construction was still going on. I and Vinayak were hell-stressed for these two days shifting things up & down. At the end of day, I was happy, satisfied and also confused. I thought for a while; “had I worked with same level of intensity in my home opening ceremony too?” Even on day two, when Vinayak was cleaning his car and I lent a hand, he asked me the same question; “abey saale… kabhi khud ka car bhi aise dhoya tha kya???” for which my reply was; “ya toh main car ke paas nahi rehta tha, ya car mere paas”…

While returning home from the function, I was happy with few things that I did. I got a bunch of relatives “Free of Cost”, while I was on LWP. I saw the “LINE” of control which brought smile and satisfaction on our faces, while I stayed in it. I didn’t use facebook or my cellphone for two days, while I was quite contented with my own weird chores. While traveling on the highway, the beautiful sceneries that I wanted to capture in the camera were always coming on the other side of the window. I smiled for a while & thought; my life, also is going on the similar journey. I am traveling on the right side, it is going nice & slow, but sometimes we find some beautiful things that are on the other side of life. We see others happy when we are sad, we see others successful when we are still running in a lost race, we see others getting what they really want when we are deprived of what we dream to have. That’s Life and it is bright when we see it from the other side when it gets dark on us.

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