Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Logically Speaking

Logically Speaking.... I was unaware of the fact that, logic is also a vital substance of any relation. I always find it very hard in making a choice when it comes to choosing a companion with whom I can share my deepest of the truthful emotions. Often it was misinterpreted as an intrusion of privacy, or an utter lack of etiquettes. I find it very gruesome to admit that, I have this pathetic inability to say NO to something I really can't accept to do. Although, I give my best shot in the task I have taken wisely (I believe), I never let the heads down that have given the work to me. All this said and done, I am still having fun, in whatever I am doing. Logically speaking, I should be wondering why the hell I am still alive???

Logically Speaking... I never loved someone with an intention that I'd get the same kind of love from the opposite end. I never felt that heart & mind would go together in that kinda sync. 'If you get what you want, you do what you like' was the funda I though that it would work. Nevertheless, I seldom got what I wanted, but I loved to do what I always liked. Logically speaking, I should be a person who is in jeopardy all the time about the work-life and personal life choices that are supposed to be made.

Logically speaking... I am always an imperfect nerd who doesn't know about grammar and I still consider myself as a poet. Many of my colleagues have said that emotions have got nothing to do with grammar. What you express is more important than how you do. The person who can understand it, will surely understand what you mean to say. We sometimes fail to use the right words to talk the language of the heart and it in turn gets translated into "Cryptic Linguistics" which becomes a Herculean Task to digest into the minds of wisdom. The other side of story said, it is fun being a critic of any articles. We get to find faults that we usually make, but the faults we find, are of others. It is easy finding other's faults and damn easy accepting your own. Only thing is, we need to be open and receptive in getting ourselves corrected by them, rather considering them as our age-old rivals waiting to slaughter each other when we find 'em. Logically speaking, emotions should have a different language of its own, but as humans we all understand them, even if they don't have a lingo.

Logically speaking... I should not be waiting for something that is smothering me to death. All I see is a long delay of the reward for the efforts I (as a team) put in making some things work, that didn't even exist. The paroles that were made to us all seemed to be blown away in the haze and were transforming the mortals into rebels. Logically speaking, in such conditions people usually burst out their grievances and go against the flow of morose herd, but nothing like that happened because, Logically speaking.... NOTHING SEEMS TO BE LOGICALLY ETHICAL....

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northenlights said...

Only those people who love what you write feel the need to express their expectation of perfection.They know a writer's mind is choc-a-bloc with thoughts bursting to be jotted down, but nonetheless, dont confuse it for criticism, its just another way of saying "we love what you write...give us something more". If u abhor their emotions, you are a pariah in the land of poetic indulgencies. Your choice!