Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dream Gap: Levelling up your expectations

Our childhood was the most majestic and magical part of our life and there’s no doubt about that. Whenever our teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, I am sure all of us had different answers to it. Later when we saw that everything wasn’t as nice as we had dreamt of it to be, we revised our dreams, instead of reconsidering our dream job options. In our hearts most of us wanted to be musicians, artists, poets, singers, astronauts, what else and whatnots. When we realized that our family did or didn’t support our dream, it was only then we gave it up. That is when the Dream Gap began to grow.

Since I got into the business management studies and learnt about the Service Gap as a management jargon, I’ve been thinking of writing something on the Dream Gap too. To explain in simple terms, Service Gap is what exists when there’s a difference between customer’s expectations and company’s service delivery. With a similar analogy, in simple terms, a Dream Gap is something that exists when there’s a difference between what you had always dreamt to be, and what you’ve become now. For most of us, the gap is huge. Slowly, we all began to realize that economy is going bat shit crazy and everything on this planet is going to get expensive as fuck. So, the focus shifted more on earning sack full of currency notes and saving it for our kids who weren’t even born.

The fortunate ones were able to fill the Dream Gap as they turned their passion into profession and became artists, digital rebels and dreamcatchers, in a way. Rest of them, buried their dreams under the carcass of engineering and medical college fees with the hope of earning double their sacrifice. Well, guess what? No amount of money can replace the serenity of doing what you’ve always dreamt to do. You may be sitting inside the tallest skyscraper of the world; or maybe you’d own one. But, the bliss of watching the sunset at the beach or from a mountain is nonpareil. You may be the greatest Project Manager the company has ever had, but quoting what our Late President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, “One should always love their job and not the company, because you never know when the company stops loving you.”

Wanderlust is one of the ways to escape from the chaos, or escape your inner demons and embrace your soul. Chaos is immortal – it finds life to feed on, and life is everywhere. It is upto us to metamorphose chaos of the world into psychedelia. Get high once in a while; see what the parallel universe feels like. Fall in love every day; let the heart smile the hell out of it. Go overboard and swear whatever words you know, to your boss for being a dick; it may cost you your job, but will liberate you from regrets and frustration for life.

These aren’t things that you do on a regular basis, but when you do, your soul would feel like a virgin doing it for the first time all over again. The feeling of being a totalitarian to yourself is what matters in the end. YOU control your emotions because they are yours to share. YOU control your mind because it is all yours to use according to your will. And it is YOU and only YOU who’d control your dreams because you are its Creator. It is upto you to either nourish it and let it grow strong or get it aborted in the womb of your conscience. So, if you think your children won’t survive the cruelty of the world and you are securing their future, let’s talk about making this world a better place for them to live and cherish your legacy of celebrating life with ecstasy. If you teach them to evaluate the right price of every tangible products and by-products of the earth, they will never know the value of intangible bounties of nature and cosmic forces that’s keeping this sphere of life rolling.

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