Saturday, February 13, 2016

Desperate Valentine

“Hope”, she said and I hoped
“Nope”, she said and I groped.
Everything that happened in between
was a dream that I’d never seen.

Our souls were made for each other,
but our eyes said something else.
I stood on barren lands waiting for rains
while she collected seashells.

“Well! That was a bit dramatic.
Your poetry is getting very sick.”
"You're too bright for a blackhole like me"
"No! I'm too right for an asshole like you"
Her words were creepier than mine,
but then I thought, “Everything will be fine”.

She’s just in an indecisive phase,
and that’s why she hates my face.
But then it dawned upon me
that she’s born to live free.

She had a million dates and I had none.
I just wanted her to be the one.
“Just forget about her”, my heart cried.
“I’ll give it another shot”, and I tried.

This was a desperate Valentine’s song
You figure out what went wrong.

When you want to smile and dream
When you want to shout and scream

All you do is drink and sulk
Kill that big-ass romantic hulk

You end up jotting a gibberish verse
Stop it, Moron! You’re making it worse

Okay okay okay! The buck stops here
And girl, if you’re still reading, “Come let’s have beer”
Let’s have beer
Have beer
Be my Valentine!
Wine n Dine
Rise n shine
Oh! My love
I’ll make you mine!
“SHUT UP! The bar is closed
Come back at nine”
Okay Fine!
Bubye Bubye Bubye Bubye Bubye Bubye!
This is my, very last line!

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