Thursday, July 17, 2014

ANALLOGY - The Series of Shitty Comparisons

It is difficult for people to understand simple language when we say – please follow traffic rules, please do not smoke in public areas, please do not cross the railway crossing when the gates are down and so many things. They fail to either comprehend the gravity of the situation or simply do not give a damn about the rules. Because, rules are for fools eh? And rules are meant to be broken?

This is something like the anal training parents give to their children while they still do not know to clean their bowels. This blog will address to such people who know to clean their bowels but still do not wish to. Introducing, the analogy of Anal Training which would either rate them as uncultured, untrained toddlers and give them some proper analogies which would teach them why they should keep their bowels clean and save the world.

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