Sunday, May 11, 2014

Living by the Sunsets: A matter of pacts

Recently I figured out that, I am a sunset person. I love watching the sun taking a dip into the ocean. You can call me a naturalistic pervert literally; but that is the one and only thing which gives peace to my soul. From past two years, I’ve been taking pictures of sunsets and all the while I’ve noticed that I totally lose myself. There is a particular charm that sunsets have. With the fading shades at the twilight hours, sunsets take down the grief, cynicism, pessimism, pressures and frustrations. I’ve always dreamt of living beside the beach and every time I reach the sunset, the dream transforms into an ambition and so it grows stronger with every descent.
When I watch people walking on the seashore, there is a multitude of emotions transpiring around. I see a couple that seeks a jiffy of solitude, but fails to get some. I see a few people jogging by, some plugged into the own world, some unplugged from the world and charging themselves into serenity. I see a herd of tourists scraping the beauty of the beach along with some flagrant localites who don’t give a damn about their city. Most of the times, I visited the sunset spots alone while I was in my town. There is a small lake just nearby our house which makes home really feel like home. But, even after being in Mumbai for a year, the feeling of home hasn’t made its home in my heart yet. All I can say is my dream of capturing sunsets at the horizon has been a wonderful pact I have made with myself.
When the sun sets down, the whole landscape of silhouettes come alive in front of my eyes. Our shadows that have been following us, no matter how terribly we fail to make the best of our day while the sun shines; the shadows that gets more tanned than us, in the scorching sun; these very shadows merge into our own selves and become one. That’s what sunset teaches me; to be one with my darker side, to embrace the negativity so hard, so close, it get lost within.

The matter of fact is that, life happens twice every day; once in the morning and once in the evening. It is up to us if we can make up to it. Whatever we do in between, it is purely defined as ‘making’ a living for which we are paid. It is strange to know how the world behaves when workplace life and this neo-professional life of living by the sunsets don’t coexist. Seldom there is a place that identifies the human eternal craving for absolute pleasure and brings together those collages of soulful silhouettes. 
No job can pay you for being savouring the beauty of nature; there is no paycheck that grows in the trees; there is no better appraisal than rainbows in summer and there is no better boss than the sun itself. When it’s up, it awakens everybody, and when it goes to sleep, everybody sleeps along. It’s a silent leader that shows us the path of illumination and most of all, it makes our day.

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Shivani Gharai said...

Beautifully portrayed in words, could feel the same in mind and heart.....keep penning down more beauties :)