Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Temple of Angels: The Ascension of The Descendent

Chapter 2: The Ascension of The Descendent

Sam rushed to the exit of the temple with the Arsenal of God in his bag and rushed to his home. It wasn’t a sight of amusement for him at that moment. He saw his brother ripping off Ora into pieces. His step-brother Belmont wasn’t the serious type who was into the “Save the world” mission of God stuff, but he was lethally humorous being who slaughtered people with his bare fingers, making them laugh to death. Sam had no idea why would Ora do such a terrible mistake of coming to Angel’s Paradise knowing that she would not survive. Sam’s heavenly bulb was enlightened with a reason. Ora was here to warn Belmont of Sam about the Arsenal of God. Belmont had memorized the user’s manual of the Arsenal, and there was only one major application; Castration of Angels. No Angel would have thought that such a weapon existed in the Arsenal, but Belmont, son of a traitor, a cross-breed of Angels and Demons knew how to end both species.
The previous night, Belmont appeared in Ora’s dreams and told her about The Legacy. The only way she can carry forward her generation; and it was via Temple of Angels where she would meet Sam Rawl. Yes! Belmont could do that; entering the minds of Demons and misdirecting them from their destiny. He was a crazy cross-world conman who was never awarded a place neither in heaven or hell. He was an immortal being on Earth who killed people for joy, and finally ended the life of Demon’s last descendent.
Sam was face-to-face with Belmont and the Arsenal was right in front of Belmont’s eyes. Belmont looked right into Sam’s face. He was fretful, vexed and both shared a smile. Sam inched towards Belmont and gave him a tight hug and handed over the Arsenal. Belmont knew what Sam was up to. Ora was dead, her flesh was torn apart and she was ruthlessly killed by the Angel brothers. The shock of her death called for a celebration in all of the Heaven and The Mother herself came down to Earth. Belmont sat on the Chair of Chastity and instructed Sam to do the rituals with the Arsenal tools. In the Holy presence of The Mother, Sam castrated Belmont, and then drove a sword right across his heart. The Last Rite Belmont was meant to perform was ending the life of his bloodline sister for betterment of a greater kind. Sam earned his salvation by giving one to his half-demon brother and Ora, was The Mother who brought the balance back to Heaven and Hell.

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