Monday, July 22, 2013

The Temple of Angels: The Angel’s Eye

Chapter 1: The Angel’s Eye

Dreams. Visions. Premonitions. Whatever people call it; has a paranormal effect on the mind and soul of those who sees one. With a mind that already is paranoid and surrounded by supernatural thoughts, the dreams can be exponentially disturbing, rather epically magnificent. One such dream was about an Angel who’d been cast out from Heaven and sent on Earth as a mortal with supernatural powers to safeguard the balance. Sam Rawl was in the parish at the Temple of Angels. His duty was to protect The Angel’s Eye that kept all the demons away from mankind. As a mortal, he too didn’t know where it was exactly located in the temple, but he knew his job description as an Angel.
One day, while he was offering prayers in the bright daylight, he saw a young girl, as little as a fairy, walking towards him. The atmosphere was eerie and Sam began losing his strength and he fell onto his knees as she approached near him. With a faint voice, Sam managed to ask the girl, “Who are you? What have you done to me?
I am Ora. The last descendent of Demons, and I am here to conceive you as my child.
Sam was flabbergasted. He was in total awe and for a change; he had his moment of salvation. With his dying energy, he extended his hands to Ora and said, “Please hold my hands. I want to sleep in your lap and pull my last breath.
Ora acknowledged his wish and held his hands. There was a blast of illumination, incandescent enough to blind the vision forever and it lasted for few seconds. When the brightness came back to normal, Ora had disappeared, and the temple was carpeted with brown ash. Suddenly, pitch black darkness curtained the interiors and Sam was back to his full strength. He was wondering if Ora had conceived him already and he was in her womb, but he felt a sudden whiplash on his back which sparkled off in a golden beam. He quickly ducked and crouched resting his back against a wall. Another golden beam quickly approached towards him like a rolling asteroid and hit a pillar beside Sam. The beam reflected swiftly towards another pillar and instantly got into an infinite mode of oscillation. In between, Sam was watching at the phenomenon as the oscillation illuminated the ground below his feet and he saw the brown ash getting thinner. Sam came face-to-face with the tiny deep red corundum engraved onto the golden floor. The Angel’s Eye. Sam stepped on the eye and a silver drawer opened out from the wall behind him. It was the Arsenal of God. Sam stood in grim. Did God fight to be the best? Or did others die to love Him?

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