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Flirting with friendship: The Ultramodern Pleasures

Chapter 7: The Ultramodern Pleasures

Maybe Sakshi wasn’t that much of a drunkard, but when I drove her home from Shrushti’s place, Sakshi still had the hangover. All I wished was, she held me tight until we reached her home which was just two blocks away.
“Here we are.” I said, after reaching her home. “I’ll see you in the evening. Just rest for some time and I’ll pick you up at 5.” I accompanied her till her room and made sure she hit the bed.
On a lazy Sunday morning, I couldn’t believe that I woke up at 6 in the morning, and had to wait till Sakshi woke up yet again and bring her back to the normal world.
While I was resting in my home, stretching my legs on my sofa and watching TV, my phone rung, and it was Shrushti.
“Abhinav???” she sounded very furious. “What the hell were you doing in my house last night?” she started yelling on top of her voice.
“Calm down Shrushti.” I tried to pacify her, “I’d come to pick Sakshi up from your place, but she was totally wasted along with you.” I gave a brief explanation.
“There was no power and you were totally unconscious lying on the floor.” I was giving her a recap like TV serials, of what happened last night.
“And what did you do to me???” her voice was more anxious than furious this time.
“Why would I do anything to you?” I sounded more confused. “I just took Sakshi’s help to put you back on your bed.” I clarified myself before she panicked.
“I want to meet you. Right now.” She demanded.
GIRLS! They won’t let me live in peace.
“Alright. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” I said.
I didn’t wake up Sakshi and I went straight to Shrushti’s place. I rang the bell and Shrushti opened the door before I could ring the second time. Her parents had still not come.
“Come here. Sit down.” Shrushti began to order like I was her trained puppy.
“Yes. Tell me Shrushti.” I leaned backward comfortably on the chair and crossed my legs. She was still in her Jockey boxers and spaghetti. This time I tried to look away from her. Shrushti pushed my leg and made me sit straight, folded her hands and was staring right at me.
“Look at me Abhi. Don’t avoid me.” She commanded.
“WHAT???” I was really surprised by what was happening.
“AVOID what???” I asked in curiously.
“Shrushti. Can I get a glass of water please?” I asked in a soft voice.
“If you have chilled water in the fridge then that would be great!” I added while she stomped.
She brought a cold water bottle and slammed it on the teapoy right in front of me. The bottle was half-full half-empty as it struggled to spill out of the bottle. Shrushti stood there watching me while I was uncapping the bottle slowly. I got up from the chair and aggressively splashed the ice-cold water on Shrushti’s face while she still stood there watching me, now with her mouth wide open and furious eyes.
Gosh! She looks damn sexy when she’s wet.
“I am sorry.” I quickly apologized before she could tear me apart. “I just wanted to make sure that you have come out of your hangover.” She started panting and gathering her breath while the water was still trickling down her face.
“Sathish is going to kill you if he comes to know about this.” She warned me with a deep tone.
“And Sathish is going to kill you if I tell him what happened last night.” I double warned her.
“Shut up. Nothing really happened.” Shrushti inspected herself thoroughly and then replied in a confirming voice.
I quickly rushed to her bedroom, grabbed a bath towel and wrapped it around her.
“Here you go.” I consoled her. “I won’t tell anybody anything.”
“But, Sakshi knows everything.” I said. “I was here last night when you tripped and fell over me and then the floor.” I informed her briefly what happened.
“Please don’t tell Sathish.” Shrushti pleaded. “He’ll never come back to me.”
For a moment, I seemed like a merciless villain of some B-grade movie who’d blackmail a woman for his voyeuristic advantage, but I wasn’t that brave either.
“I won’t tell Sathish.” I said with a smile. “Because, I don’t even know him.”
Shrushti chuckled, and gave me a hug. “Thank you Abhi. You are a sweetheart.” She said. “I want to show you something.” She was shying and her cheeks were glowing.
“What is it Shrushti?” I asked with a faint curiosity.
“Close your eyes.” She demanded. “Don’t cheat.” Her voice was getting nasty.
“Alright.” I accepted the challenge.
SPLASH!!!!! Another bottle of ice-cold water all over me.
“Now we’re even.” She said with a wink.
“What the hell was that???” I exclaimed. “I wasn’t drunk.”
“Just made sure.” She simpered.
I didn’t get much playful after this incident. I just waited there till my clothes were dried.
“When are your parents coming?” I asked.
“In the evening. They’ve almost abandoned me. I don’t mean anything to them.” She sounded quite casual while talking such a serious thing. She continued to dry her hair with the bath towel. In the meanwhile, I checked my phone if it had got wet too. Thank God it was okay. I quickly messaged Sakshi informing her I was in Shrushti’s place. I pulled the towel from her hands and carefully wiped the tiny droplets of water from the screen.
“HEY!!!” Shrushti squalled. The towel got stuck in her spaghetti strap and the elastic strings recoiled in such a way, I heard the spatting sound of it, loudly hitting her bare skin.
“Oops! Sorry.” I apologized again, turning away from her ignoring everything that I saw.
There was a moment of embarrassing silence and Shrushti rushed into her room. I was sitting in the hall shirtless as I’d left it to dry in the sun.
“I’ll have filter coffee.” I ordered Shrushti just to divert from the situation.
“Sure.” She said and moved towards the kitchen. The time was 11:00 in the morning.
“I am starving.” I said. “Is there something to eat?”
Shrushti was the reason I had to leave the homemade Upma and come here to get splashed with cold water in the face, that too for no mistake of mine. I tried to do everything to make her pay.
“I don’t have anything prepared.” Shrushti shouted from the kitchen. “Do you want to order pizza?”
“No thanks.” I said, and entered the kitchen.
“So... What do we have here?” I was browsing for some spices in the cupboard while Shrushti again turned away, not trying to look into my eyes because of the earlier “Spaghetti Spillover.”
“Oh! Gotcha! Come here baby.” I looked at the bag of green leaves and vegetables. Shrushti ran away into the hall, totally misunderstanding my words. Though I am not such a fitness freak, I really love green vegetables and I know to cook them well.
“It’s the vegetables.” I shouted from the kitchen now. Shrushti was still not speaking a word. Suddenly, my phone beeped and it was Sakshi’s message.

Alright Abhi. I woke up now. Will get ready and have lunch in sometime.

“Hey Sakshi. I am still at Shrushti’s place. Come here right now.” I called her up and invited her for lunch.
The doorbell rang and Shrushti opened the door. Her hair was still damp and she had that seductive look in her eyes that were filled with utter awkwardness.
“What happened?” Sakshi asked her politely.
Abhinav Karanth....” Shrushti paused significantly after taking my full name.
“Yeah I know!” Sakshi replied with a consoling voice. “He only called and asked me to come here.”
Shrushti breathed a great sigh of relief.
“Abhya... You jerk...” She started screaming again.
I was laughing my ass out in the kitchen and Sakshi stood baffled.
“Sakshi. Can you come here for a moment please?” I softly asked.
“What have you done to her Abhi? Shrushti is feeling so shy.
“Nothing. I just told her about last night and.....” I took a deep breath while I tried to explain what happened in the morning.
“AND??? WHAT ABHI????” Sakshi sounded very impatient.
SPLASH!!! Another bottle of cold water splashed on Sakshi’s face this time.
“And... This is what I did to Shrushti...” I was rolling on floor laughing.
Sakshi was beautifully dressed up in her jeans and a turquoise blue top which had boldly written statement, Ladies Only. After a nice shower her hair seemed softly brushed and no makeup. But now, everything was messed up again.
“Abhi. I am going to kill you.” Sakshi inched towards me while I was still on the floor. She suddenly stepped onto the wet tiles and she slipped forward and fell over me like a sack of potatoes. I am a dead meat. Shrushti too got intimidated and came running all across the hall and jumped over Sakshi. It seemed like I’d scored an epic goal in the final match of the Football World Cup.
“Mmmmmmmm...” I was taking pleasure from all the angles holding both of them. Though I could almost feel my bones crackling, I didn’t groan, rather I was sensually moving my hands all over them.
“Shrushti. I’ll buy new spaghetti for you.” I said while they were still trying to press me down. My hands slowly moved towards her broken strap and she suddenly got up and went back to the hall.
“What about you?” I asked Sakshi. “What do you want me to buy for you?” I winked at her.
“Carrots.” She said.
“Pick up those carrots and get back to work.” She again elucidated herself.
“Would you mind to lift your heavy bottoms up, Your Highness?” I teased her. “I was doing my work. You girls distracted me.” I said.
“Okay. Get up.” She said softly kissing my cheeks. I got back to cooking and with some help from Sakshi, I located all the spices I needed. Sakshi and Shrushti were again sitting together in the hall, watching TV, but this time, they were watching a Telugu movie which I hardly understood.
“The lunch is ready to be served hot to my hot ladies.” I announced while I was done preparing the dining table. For a moment, I wondered. All adventurous things in my life have happened on the dining table. I hoped this one to be an adventure too.
“Mmmmmm... Yummyyyy...” Shrushti was savouring the Rasam I prepared. It seemed like Shrushti was having an epic orgasmic session.
“Stop that slutty sound Shru...” Sakshi shouted in disgust.
Shrushti was still closing her eyes and rolling her tongue in closed mouth.
“The Rasam is sexy, Abhi...” Shrushti complimented.
“Thank you. I know about the taste.” I patted my own back.
“Please teach me to prepare just like this.” Shrushti insisted.
“Someone wanted to order a pizza, by the way.” I mocked Shrushti while Sakshi silently was looking at finishing the Rasam all by herself.
“Sakshi will teach you.” I said and grabbed the Rasam vessel from her hand and I served some for myself. Sakshi’s face turned so pale, as if I stole a toy from a two-year old kid.
“Sakshi??? She never cooks anything apart from Puliyogure.” Shrushti shrugged.
Our brief lunch was soon over and my shirt was finally dry. I didn’t refill the water bottles and I knew Shrushti would never bother to do such a herculean task. While I and Sakshi bid farewell to Shrushti, I slyly looked at her spaghetti and said, “Nice rack.” Shrushti swung her leg in the air to kick me, but she didn’t.
BOOM! I got a blow in my right chest from Sakshi. Totally worth it.
“Hahahaha...” Shrushti gave a cheerful hug to Sakshi.
Later that evening, I was resting in Sakshi’s place as I was really hurt badly when the girls crushed me to death. Almost! I think I need to see a doctor.

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