Sunday, February 24, 2013

What makes me, ME!

What a day it was,
I couldn’t see a thing because
I was blind in your eyes.
I wanted to rise
but the sun
was at the horizon.
It was the dark sky,
which didn’t know why
it was so blue.

For some reason I knew,
I was falling upside down
and there was a scary clown
holding my hands.

Nobody understands
Why am I part of a clutter?
and the society dwells in a celestial gutter.

What makes me a goblin?
and the thick blood wears me thin.
What was I and what I am now
I cannot say how
life takes its twists and turns.
Scars heal and bruises burn.

Why are smiles so expensive?
and life is meant just to live.
Where’d all the moments be buried
if I’d never succeed
to make my love count.

Why is power so paramount
when I can’t undo the past
The space for faith is vast
spread like an ocean in my heart.
Am I playing my part
well enough to make poetic justice
or am I seeking for an immoral bliss?

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