Monday, September 17, 2012

Partying in the Parallel Universe: For what joy?

I’ve been a narcissist most of times and for the other times, I’ve been hasty for myself. I always try to relate myself with things that never make sense, because I never do. I’ve been accused of writing stuff only about me, and not other things around, but the way I see it, I can write about other stuff only when I step into their shoes and see the world from their eyes. If I hadn’t done that, I’d have ended just opining about them and not really expressing the true feelings that I share with them.
For instance, while I was strolling on the empty service road lanes, I saw many trees standing tall beside the ruthless highway and I felt like I was one of them. All my friends who were close to me had been cut off from my sight and taken away to an alien land. The ones who were left by my side, didn’t speak a word because they were strangers and they were afraid of sharing their sorrows because whenever they did, they shed leaves and made themselves more susceptible to extermination. I lived on the hopes of the authorities who took care of the median plantations who showed up only during drought, but in the end, I was a tree just waiting to be chopped off someday for another urban expansion.
It never occurred to me that travelers on the highway won’t stop by and pluck a fruit out of my branches. They are speed lovers and love everything to be available to them at their doorstep and I was no Bonsai in their eyes. Moreover, I was more attracted by hungry pets and cows who tried to jump hard to reach the fruit and got asphalted by the speedsters. It seemed like a posed a threat to the domestic life around and there was a cloud of pessimism hovering on my being. All this said and done, I came back to being human and said to myself; “Thank God I am not that tree.” I am blessed with friends who are never silent even if they’ve been teleported a thousand miles away because of their professions and preferences. Those who’re beside me, they too never behave like strangers and I love this life.
Another instance in my life where I was waiting for a bus in the bus terminus, and I felt like my life was the same. So many destinations that I’ve to reach and so less buses available to go there. So many commuters hanging from the bus and all of them want to go to almost same place. The place where I had to go, and buses that took me there, were very sporadic. People kept telling me that buses will never come when you want them to come; I need to split my journey and cover the distance. Taking some other bus which was empty and going to some other place didn’t serve any purpose either, because I never wanted to go there. Many a times, people asked me to change my destination because it was too far to reach by the end of day by any mode of transportation. And most of the times, I ended up taking that suggestion because I didn’t want to waste my life in travelling all day long. The people, who suggested me this, are my close relatives and family members. They are the ones, who care about me and want to see me happy. Making my own mistakes and taking my own decision has still been my choice and that hasn’t been encroached at all. As far as I’ve known; I’ve learnt more things by making mistakes and I’ve come so far by taking my own decisions. Reaching home is not too far anyways. Moreover, my life is no bus terminus anymore; I’ve turned it into an open air theatre. Anyone who comes in my life has their role to play and leave anytime they want to. I’ve lived many other lives apart from my own and there are lots of things that I can share not being me, but it’s still me in some other world, in some other form.
The world where I am alone, in the parallel world, I have friends who always keep me occupied; the world where I am dejected, there’s a parallel world where I party hard all the time; and all this for what joy? Just to stay alive in some way or the other and keep myself fruitful for those who need me.

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