Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let Me Sleep Again

Let me sleep in my grave
Let me be a soulful slave
I can’t see the sunshine upstairs
I can’t feel my life anymore,
Let me sleep a little more.

Let me be an alien,
Let me have no religion.
I wanna evolve as a lucid dream
I wanna embrace the ocean in the deep,
It’s just a thought & let it be; let me sleep.

Let me hold you in my arms,
Let me lock your teardrop in my palms.
I’ll see that you are smiling forever my love!
No memories will make you weep,
Don’t let me go, but just let me sleep…
In your eyes, in your heart, let me sleep
In your arms, in your lap, let my love creep!
In your life, in your dreams, let me keep,
All my love, all my songs yet to reap…

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