Monday, August 1, 2011

A White Cloud of the Night: A Dreamer’s Truth

The rains of September were on a myriad high and I was in my usual laziness throwing myself all over the place, every now & then. It was a normal day where I woke up, went to college and did my academic chores. I was in a reverie of my own and was dreaming of a girl who’d actually understand me completely. I suddenly got a convincing smile on my face that said, “Dude! Stop Dreaming… This is earth! Not Heaven!” I was of an opinion that, love happens only when you are not interested, and later you are to be blamed for not understanding, or being emotionless, and all the blah blah blah!

I virtually met a person who was not known to me at all. She had a charm which lasted like a Jovan Musk that was just out of the factory. (Conceptually! though not literally) It was not a moment of “Love at first Sight!”, but I was like a moment that I call, “Shoot at Sight!” It was a definitely perfect picturable face that surely would make all the eyeballs spring outta their heads. I still don’t remember how did we meet for the first time, but I am ultimately glad that we met. It was always difficult for me to trigger a talk with a girl who’s so much blessed with heavenly looks, and has a battalion of lovely friends. I was mere a grit in her palace of love & a stranger to her Darkest Nights!

It was literally; “A Life with The Night” everytime I was in a conversation with her because she was a nocturnal being and so was I. There was a garden full of topics on which we talked about and all I did was, triggered a discussion. The more I let her talk, the more I was smiling. For me, it was a dream-come-true that, I had a friend from a place I’ve never been before and for a lucid dreamer, this was a sign of something that I implored to have. I was a cloud having a silver lining on its face in the night and that was a ecstatic moment when she said, “Stay Blessed” and I replied, “Stay Blissed”… Our game of words continued…

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