Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Tryst with the Galactic Angel: A Cosmic Connection

All the vocab I learnt from my “Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus” was now being helpful, not just because I needed lavish words to praise her, but; I was actually getting exhausted of using the same old words for the incessant expressions of hers. It was during the time of my high blues when I showed a tendency to be solvent in any state of mind and she got me. I was all into her care and compassion, which made me feel that I had someone to be happy for me. It was rather the distance that strengthened our bond. People say that, we need to stay abut our loved ones to know them better, but I’d started living a paradox.

The warmth was transpiring a whim of joy and it needed more words. I yearned for more and was getting hungry for a lot more prose and poetry. Being the North Star of the Night, she was above all, in all the aspects and the aura of her flair took me into an outer space where I could see nothing else other than the Galactic Angel herself, wrapped in my words of Love. We shared interests that never matched; the songs we’d never heard; the movies we’d never seen; the books we’d never read; but of course one thing was common; “Our Passion for Words!” The only thing that was holding us apart was the civil lines that were drawn by the regionalists and the roaming STD charges.

There was always an air of mischief in our conversations and all the humor was counted (sometimes even mindless ones)! The strongest part of this connection was that of honesty and truthfulness. Everything said & done, no questions asked! We tried to make sense of the difference between; the distance between us, is the ‘space’ we give to each other, and the feelings we share, are ‘genuine’ to its emotional best. Even if I were a voyeur, and I said it, no heart would be broken because we knew, “A bad truth about yourself if shared, the truth itself will become good for yourself!” There was no hesitation whatsoever in accepting our own mistakes and making things right because, we knew, “Life is full of $hit! Sometimes we flush out our problems, and sometimes, problems flush us out!” It’s all easy to say, “I Love You” and don’t mean it, but saying, “I don’t love you, but if I did, I’d not leave you” would really matter.

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