Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Unforgettable Dream: Is it Déjà vu?

I had a habit of writing my dreams every morning after I woke up, or rather everytime I woke up from sleep, even if it was after a siesta! I never gave up any dream and always tried to recollect what all I saw. It had become a routine for almost 4 years and I’d kind of mastered the art of “Lucid Dreaming”. I thought for a while; what about doing a PhD in ‘Oneirology’ (Study of dreams), but I was no expert either in the field of psychology or medical science. Hence, that idea was dropped off, and so did the writing of dreams.
I still have the ‘Dream Journals’ with me, safe and sound; it’s a different story that nobody cares to read them as they seem to be piece of junk at home, but few of the dreams where I really had something to remember, I jotted them down, I drew pictures of patterns that I saw and that seemed to be something very distinctive. I usually get lots of dreams related to the pattern of “OM” and I feel that I am getting some divine message from God through dreams. It’s just that, I am not able to figure out what they actually mean. Only an expert in this field could help me out. I am a pure novice to the world of “Astral Traveling” (flying in dreams) and very few jargons I am aware of; something that is called OBE (Out of Body Experience) and AIWS (Alice in Wonderland Syndrome) surely perplexes my mind.

One dream I still can’t afford to forget is about a place called “Gomtipur”! I’d never heard of that place in my entire life. I was in that place, in a temple that was floating in air. The temple was newly built and I was outside the temple purchasing some black & smooth pebbles that looked like a “Linga” of Shiva! I even remember the numbers how many I bought. I had 121 pebbles and few of them I dropped them on the earth. I’d to go down and search them because it’d cause a disaster if I’d lost them. I met a person called ‘Anirudh Vashisht’; a name I never heard before too and he was the one who was supposed to help me. The next day when I woke up, the dream was afresh in my mind like an acid rain still pouring heavily.

I went to my college and googled on both; Gomtipur and Anirudh Vashisht! It was shocking when I saw that Gomtipur did exist and it was in Gujrat! (Never in my life have I been to any place in Gujrat till now) and another shocker was, that place didn’t show any temple on Google Maps! (May be Google hadn’t updated it or even may be there was no temple at all! I’d never know until I visited that place personally) Also, I googled on Anirudh Vashisht! Surprisingly, I got 4-5 results on facebook and I was confused whom to ask & tell about my dream. They’d feel I am crazy, and just ignore. That’s why, before they ignored me and I’d feel bad for it, I ignored it myself, but I’ve not forgotten what I saw and never will I forget!

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