Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boredom @ its Best: Let Life Suck! (For a while)

I really wish I had fewer days for my vacations to end. It really gets boring after some days when you are at home, sitting and doing nothing for a while. Now I know how my dad must be feeling after his retirement! He too keeps working constantly even after he’s officially done serving the government. Why should I stay behind then? I too get the same feeling (apart from inheriting the genes) of working restlessly on a project that’s given to accomplish. Family, friends and relatives all have their values at a place where we can visit often when we are down and out, but the problem I feel is, when the work environment gets shuffled with personal life. The proximity of work location and home is not the criterion here, but the vicinity where we abode with them together surely will come into picture when we react rather respond to situations.

It is not a good omen that we get frustrated at work and take it out on the cookery. If the food tastes bad that night, then probably either the mood for dinner is not set, or the taste of dinner itself has changed the set mood. If your mother wants to watch the daily soaps and you’re rather interested surfing 100 channels in one minute, she’s definitely get pissed off with you. I am stuck in neither of the situations. It’s just I realized, how important it is, to keep the work going. If you stop for quite a long time, your rhythm is about to rust. Unless we don’t galvanize on our daily activities, life will keep deteriorating at its worst.

For a while, it is okay if life sucks! Be lazy, be crazy, be sad, and be mad! Be a fool, be cool, be amnesiac, be insomniac, be lunatic and more importantly… Be Romantic!!! This will actually keep you going on & on & on & on………..

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