Monday, June 6, 2011

Please Sir! Pass Me…

From day one of my classroom sessions, this is how it has been in the class:

ME: Good Morning guys! Shall we begin?


ME: Okay! Any volunteer to recap what we covered in the last class?


ME: Okay! Lalita.. Come Up… Please tell us what we did… You can read the notes (if you have written)


ME: Okay! Today we’ll cover the last module of MIS… Anyone has any doubts till now?


ME: (After the class) That’s all Folks… This was the last class of mine for this semester… You have anything to say about it? Any feedback? Good, bad, worst, best, whatever….


ME: I guess my graveyard shift is over… See you guys at the examination hall….


STUDENT: Sir! I got only 8 marks out of 50.. I attended all classes…

ME: Is it? Which classes you attended? Physical MIS or Conceptual MIS?

STUDENT: What’s that sir?


STUDENT: Please give me at least 30 marks so that I can pass sir… Please!

ME: I didn’t give any marks… You took it…

STUDENT: Sir Please! My 22 years of education is all in your hands now… If you don’t pass me then I won’t get loan from bank and I can’t appear next semester…

ME: Did I ever stop you guys from studying? Clearing your doubts? Interacting with me? Have I put a “NO ENTRY” board on my head for you people?


ME: Justify me where & why do I give you marks?


ME: Are you born dumb?


ME: Have you ever opened your mouth to ask questions in class?


ME: Did I set a separate question paper for you so that you fail?


ME: Am I your worst nightmare?

STUDENT: Sir! What is that?

ME: ^%#%$*&(*)

STUDENT: Everything is in your hands now sir….

ME: I don’t… I was giving it to you all.. You were lazy enough to stretch your hands & take it…

STUDENT: Please Sir! Pass me this time… I’ll do well in externals…

ME: Why couldn’t you do well here? & how could you assure me that you will study well & pass there?


ME: Even if I increased your marks, what answer will I give to other students who have worked hard, but scored less?

STUDENT: Sir! Increase their marks also…

ME: ^&%$%^^*&#@

Sometimes, even a divine job has ethical dilemmas. Not all can be patient to solve such problems. I am still struggling to find a solution for such dead bodies who sit in classrooms without a soul or a purpose to live. Those who do, I feel sorry for them that, they have to suffer the anguish of these morons. It is either I don't deserve them, or they don't deserve me....


Sonal Revankar said...

definately true :) this reminds me of ma struggles during MBA for internal marks :) Gosh i hate the faculties who do bias based on the type of relationship wit the students :(

northenlights said...

When push comes to shove, anything is possible with the students! Nice pic sir!

dips said...

bro even i ws a very silent student(in asking doubts).. bt somehw managed pass marks!!!!