Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OMG! Am I in love?

I was writing articles as part of my hobby and kept posting them in my blog very rarely. Only from the past few months, I’ve been actively blogging and this is really hitting the right chords for me. I’ve been an obnoxious kid as always, but nowadays, the insanity in me is getting much intense. The Intentional Insanity is now turning Intensive and I surely hope that I get some Incentives for this feeling. Intuitive isn’t it??? J

I’ve been acting proud lately and my narcissism has hit a lifetime high. It’s partly because I’ve published my book, but other parts are yet unknown. Everyday when I go to college, I enter with smile and see students tensed in their exam preparations. Recently I’ve done something wrong and I’ve already discussed the issue in my previous blog. I am feeling guilty of it and that’s hurting my conscience. Nonetheless, I am getting responses from most of my colleagues about my book (both good and bad; including the ugly ones too) and I am tempted to write more and more everyday. I am in no mood to discuss sad stories as I am falling in love. It is not my best friend, nor my neighbor’s maid, nor my dean’s daughter, nor my rich colleague, NOBODY. I am falling in love with words. I talk rubbish with someone and still manage to make a poem out of filth, in the end, turning down the frowns to WOW!

I am in love with people, who’ve liked me, only when I am alive on the blog or facebook, but never made it to me to tell personally, how much they’ve admired my work. I may have been mistaken this as “LOVE”, but for me, Love is Love by default unless other parameters are not mentioned specifically. I am in Love now and I will continue to be in Love, unless I am compelled to Define it…. J


northenlights said...

Arrogance even in Love? You're not in love with words, you're just basking in their warmth and labelling it as love. Come on..define it! I challenge you to!

Infinityvj said...

you have bought my book... :) i've written a whole poem on it.. please read it if u get time.... :)

northenlights said...

It bodes well for a poet of your calibre to connect outwards towards people and then absorb experiences within the self. We love your poems on love coz they are humble odes to the divine feeling. Is the poet different from the person who stands before the mirror?

Infinityvj said...

The person who stands before the mirror is an Insane who needs a Keeper.... The person who later takes bath n stands in front of God.... is also not Ameet... It's a greedy writer who wants more people to read his articles... But.. the person who stands alone... And lazily likes someone but doesn't tell anything... It's Ameet... :)