Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: Romancing with the Conscience

The Happy Man was on his journey, in search of solace when he was attacked by the luscious memories of The Angel and her voice in melancholy. He had so many incomplete things to say, that were pouring out of his ‘figurative’ vessel of feelings. He decided to assemble all of it at one place where, The Angel could come and see it, feel it for him. He knew only one art and that was “Literally Literal!” The Angel was not so qualified enough to understand his feelings that were encrypted with such lucid sophistications. All that The Happy Man did was “Being Himself” and that was something beyond the comprehension to the normal world.

He, was a narcissist to a level where he loved himself for what he was, and nothing beyond that. The Angel too, was in love with the “Traveler”, but was not in a condition to tell how much she loved him because, for her, love was something very old. She had seen people coming in and going out of her life so frequently that, she felt, even the breath she took were “Travelers” and would leave her and go any moment. She was afraid of people departing from her life. The day when The Angel met The Happy Man, it should have been dated as “The Ultimate Assemblage!” Nonetheless, both of them were equally in love with their duties and that made them fall in love more with their souls more than their sheer being.

The Angel, never felt the breeze on her face, as everytime she was being touched, she was maimed, by the sultry intentions of the “Travelers”. Those were the days when, The Angel was nicknamed as “Cursed”. The Happy Man, when encountered her, was through his meditation and his lucid dreams that purified the relation between the two of them. They fell in love often with each other’s conversations rather the desperation of being in contact and getting connubial. The Happy Man was always ecstatic whenever he got to talk through his Angel in dreams and that took him on seventh heaven. The Angel on the other side, was loved being seen in her eyes. Their love grew stronger and it was now getting wicked on The Angel’s side, as many of the “Co-Travelers” wanted that ‘Piece of Desire’ to stay. The Happy Man knew no malice. It was getting hard for him to sustain the revolt and prayed for help.

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