Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: God’s Poetic Justice

The Happy Man was made of love and smiles all around him and it was his first time that he had to face a crowd of malicious people. Though he’d learnt the basic art of “Self-Defence”, he never had dreamt that he’d actually use it for protecting his Angel. It was only in the magical world where The Angel was having a ring on her head and wings on her back. When everything came down to reality, The Angel was just a common human being just like everyone else and The Happy Man had a pathetic life compared to The Angel.

The Happy Man woke up from his lucid dreaming that left him incomplete in his story. He was bland with the consequences and wanted to sleep for some more time, but wasn’t sure if he’d be able to continue from the same point where he was left aloof in the crowd. He thought for a while, can I get my angel in the real world and search for her? He was really having too many complaints with God about the dreams and realities, the good and bad, the love and hatred, the life and death, and more importantly, The Happy Man and The Cursed Angel. He closed his eyes in dismay and asked God, “Why can’t I stay in my dreams and love everyone all the while? Why can’t I observe beauty with my eyes closed? Why can’t we smile and not cry till death? Why do we have to die either?.....” The questions seemed infinite.

The reply what he got was not really pleasing, but it indeed let him live and live; with a purpose! God replied him while he was sleeping again, “Happy Man! You are not like others who wake up and wash away their dreams from their minds and faces. You have the zeal to see a dream and turn it into reality. You will get your angel, but patience will surely reap you a sweeter fruit…..” His Holy Conversation was abruptly halted by The Happy Man’s somniloquism, “I don’t want to get diabetic! Please help me find my Angel soon…” The Happy Man was back in action, but the context was all new and The Angel was ‘Cursed’ no more!

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northenlights said...

Writer, why did you leave the angel alone in the dreams? She could have just been there in his mind!