Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: Divine Voices

The Happy Man’s journey was never as easy as it seemed. He was bedazzled by the beauty of the magnificent and munificent ocean. He, for a moment felt, how the world can suffer from drought and famine when there is such an abundance of Godly Warehouse all around. He then realized; the sea was the result of the “Tears of Heaven” and that is never sweet to digest. He sailed onto the same, and was looking at the sky spreading its golden veil. The Happy Man spread his arms to hug the air in solace, and feel the serenity of solitude. That was when he felt an aura of an unknown orb embracing him tightly. The Happy Man raised his hands because he didn’t know who, or what, was holding him with so much warmth. The heart of The Happy Man began to beat faster than ever and he had got back “HIS SMILE”! That was the moment when, he got his identity and was defined as “The Happy Man” with a Golden Orb around him, with his hands in the air.

The Happy Man closed his eyes, kept listening to the silent smiles and he heard a voice that echoed to his heartbeat. It was not the dolphins, not the waves gushing to the ship, but a screech from the sky. He never had thought that he’d hear the Angel’s cry. The Happy Man was always under the impression that all angels are happier than him because they stay in heaven. He saw a negation of “The Truth” for once in his life and he was eager to know the reason.

He concentrated on the voice and he had a “Divine Conversation” with the Angel:

Happy Man: Greetings, My Strange Angel! Who are you and where are you from?

Angel: Greetings Happy Man! I am “The Blue Sky” from the Blue Mountains! How did you hear my voice?

Happy Man: I am a traveler. I go places and indulge in “Lucid Dreams”. I see and hear things that are beyond my imagination. That is how I found you, I heard you.

Angel: What is your destiny Happy Man?

Happy Man: I am looking for the love of my life that just embraced me and left me “Cold and Gold”! I am rich with her memories now.

Angel: I would be glad to help you find your love. I am lucky charm for too many travelers who pass by, but few chosen ones like you are lucky for me!

Happy Man: Aren’t you Happy?

Angel: I wish I were! You have a Happy Journey Happy Man. I am always around!

The Happy Man was in sheer confusion as to why the Angel had to leave the Divine Conversation abruptly. He realized that the angel was not happy and he thought he has lot to do with it and he has a better life with the angel. The Happy Man continued to travel, but now, with a mission and vision to reach his destiny, with the angel by his side.

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