Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: The Buoyed Navigation

It was getting difficult for The Happy Man to figure out why it was raining so heavily when he was not even in the mood to get drenched. He suddenly heard a thunder, and the sky was clear. The sun was smiling through the clouds and there he got the answer; rather a solution for his question. It was not the Angel he saw in the “Blue Sky”, but the thirst of the humans on the earth. The rain was a remedy for the drought, it was the happiness on the faces that were blue, it was the marriage of “The Dreams in Heaven” & there he was… right in the middle of the Heaven.

It was the wedding ceremony of The happy Man’s kin and lots of people from all around the vicinity had come to bless the bride. The Happy Man was with his Happy Family and the “Prospecting” had informally begun with his sisters around. He was in a souk of an “Emerald Island” and it was getting difficult for The Happy Man to find his Amethyst (his lucky stone/charm). He saw a woman draped in Magenta and was flabbergasted by her impeccable effulgence. That was the “Eureka Moment” for The Happy Man and he was locked in the wormhole of his “Lucid Dreams”!

When everything got over and “The Time Machine” brought The Happy Man back to the actual world, she was gone. He just knew where he had seen her and how deep were her eyes. He went back to his monastery and started his meditation to locate the Angel who stole his precious possession; “HIS SMILE”; when he saw her! He was not that blinded either, by the beauty of his love, but he kept his duty in his mind too. He had his compass well intact and didn’t divert from his vision. While he was traveling, he always had a dream; ‘To be known as the most lovable creature on this earth (whatever people call him was irrelevant)’ and he strived to be it everyday. Some of them loved his mindless anecdotes, some of them failed to understand. Nevertheless, he never stopped being radical listener of the ruthless discouragements.

The sea of disappointments was huge, he had the right mentor to keep him afloat and the buoyancy was well set. He continued his journey to be what he dreamt, and also find the Angel. The journey has just begun and the “Prospecting” has got much rigorous.

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