Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: The Angel’s Paradise

On his quest towards finding his destiny, The Happy Man was on an ecstatic high when he entered the city of Angels. He was mesmerized by the psychedelia of the panorama around and his witty words were losing the battle with the stunning silence. He was trying to figure out who was the “Blue Sky” who had a divine conversation with him on his journey. Everything and everyone in that city looked so similarly beautiful; his eyes were hypnotized almost, by the delusional vista, the deception of a common being was at its worst pinnacle.

He found a calm hill where he could sit and meditate to locate his “Divine Angel” in the paradise. The Happy Man tried hard, but had no chance, because the Gods were not on his side this time. All he had to encounter was the hailstorms, the tornadoes and worst of all, the dejection. The determination of The Happy Man was still adhesive, and he stuck to his plan. He finally got back into conversation with the “Blue Sky” while he fell asleep.

Angel: Greetings, Happy Man. Why did you come here?

Happy Man: I came here for you. I heard this place is deceptive. I felt you must be in some trouble.

Angel: Troubles are everywhere my dear Traveler! Didn’t you have any troubles finding me out?

Happy Man: Yes I did! Indeed it was not so easy finding a gem out of an oasis.

Angel: You are being so flattering Happy Man! This place is a paradise. Do you feel I am the only gem here?

Happy Man: No my dear Angel! I found you precious because, when I closed my eyes, I saw something. And that something was so surreal! Just like I conversed with you, on that lonely island. That was the reason I shadowed my dreams and arrived here; on this paradise!

Angel: What else is new in your life Happy Man?

Happy Man: It’s YOU! My Lovely Angel!

Angel: I am not so lucky to be with you, Happy Man! You will find someone better than me! I am cursed to bless everyone, but I am not blessed!

Happy Man: I Love …………………………………. Where did you go Angel???

Before The Happy Man could speak his heart out, The Angel had disappeared and left The Happy Man blank and lonely in the crowd of pleasant beauties. He was back in the souk of Angels where the business was getting beautifully serious. The Happy Man was in no mood to trade happiness for blessings and nullify the curse of The Angel. He seemed to be greedy at that point of time because he wanted all the love for himself and be happy always. Nevertheless, his love for The Angel was exponentially getting bigger and that kept him moving.