Friday, March 18, 2011

Indifferently Interesting

It was all at the end of the first semester when I realized that my students did not seem to be enthusiastic about any management events. I tried to get in lots of innovative class teachings with hell of humor and dead simple examples. I was wondering, how one can be so casual in spending their parents’ money so leisurely. I too was not so serious when I was at the same stage, but never had I stepped back from attending any events or competitions held in other colleges. Now, I am at a position where, I am still eager to participate with the same level of exuberance, but the students are not. They all come from vernacular backgrounds and this I feel should not be considered as a weakness for them at all.

As a faculty, I’ve always tried to inject lots of motivation in them to go in for any event that comes ahead of them, but the only thing stopping them was “Utter lack of Interest”. This was a pondering point in itself for me to take up a challenge and do something new. I planned to have an extra class everyday in the morning as a mood modulating session. I called it as, AJ’s PJ Day and it was every day. What I did was, I made them to laugh at jokes they didn’t understand. For this session to be more effective, I started staring at people and laugh out loud without a bloody reason. Looking at each others’ faces the remaining burst out their laughter pots and so this went on & on and on. This was made interesting even though it didn’t add a grit to their academia.

I didn’t try to get anything out of this session. All I wanted was that, the students should have a joyful day throughout even if they are dipped into loads of assignments. The laughing therapy could have worked if they laughed on their problems and let them off; but all went wrong when they all carried forward their same old sober mood to the next day. For the first time in my career, I am not happy because of my job, but the unhappiness is all because of students who don’t even like to enjoy their own life. Nobody on this earth need to be told that they need to enjoy their own college life. No such tutorials are available that will teach you to enjoy, but there are surely many places where you can find your Shangri La of Ecstasy. We all just need to strive, to discover that place on the earth. It can also be found in person whom we believe to be our role model.

Lecturing seems interesting, but boring to those who already know how to enjoy and reading is surely not one of them….

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