Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Links

How long could the earth spin all alone?
So, He gifted the planets as its friends.
How could the roses spread the fragrance on their own?
So, He gifted the garden, flowers to blossom independence.

How long could the cloud hold the rain in its bag?
So, He gifted the soil to succumb the fruits.
How could the tree stand erect, when it’s zigzag?
So, He gifted it the bunch of mighty roots.

How could the rhythm alone invent tune?
So, He gifted the music to adorn the sound.
How long could the lava stay in the dune?
So, He gifted the deep tranquil ocean all around.

How long can the candle burn itself to bless the stranger?
So, He gifted the sun to brighten the mankind.
How long can the teacher play an avenger?
So, He gifted the morality to human mind.

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