Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lessons life teach

You emerge out of the womb,
& sing a melody of your own.
You hear the same melody in your tomb.
But then, nothing will be your own.

You play & enjoy every moment of it.
& in bad times you forget those.
All our memories become a gambit
in the chess of friends & foes.

You love someone & fail to express.
It is not your tragedy.
Instead of love, if awe is in excess;
Eros is gone from your heart already.

You work hard a lot everyday.
But never get the expected reward.
You meditate His name in dismay.
But sometime never laugh with Lord.

You learn some lessons in life.
But it is never late to learn.
It may be the words or knife.
It will send your soul into urn.

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