Monday, March 24, 2008


∞ If I did things differently every time, I did them the same way every time.
∞ “Cutting Edge” technology makes you Blunt!!! So, use our ancestral way to lead life!!!!
∞ Different words have different meanings. And similar words have similar meanings!!!!!
∞ You have to spend a lot to save your money!!!!
∞ Never joke seriously!!!
∞ If writers don’t write, what will the readers read???
∞ Some people dream in their life. But, I live in my dreams!!!
∞ It’s very easy to impress girls…… my dreams!!!!
∞ Holiness is in purity of hearts and not in performance of rituals!!!
∞ What I am to MYSELF, is NO ONE to NOBODY!!!!!
∞ If I said something and you heard something, you are not DEAF!!!!!
∞ Every expectation is never meant to be met!!!!
∞ If ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS, WORDS hurt harder than ACTIONS!!!!
∞ Do well to others and……..WAIT!!!!!

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