Monday, March 24, 2008

Live another life...

I wish I was a road of a highway.
Everyone would cruise on me with smile.
I wish I was a sun on a lovely day.
Everyone would love to walk that extra mile.
I wish I was a cartoon.
Everyone would laugh at me in their bad times.
I wish I was a moon.
Everyone would get addicted to frame the rhymes.
I wish I was a pen.
Everyone would express their love with my blood.
I wish I was an alien.
Everyone would be excited to find me on their mud.
I wish I was a bloom.
Everyone would admire my beauty.
I wish I was a bridegroom.
Everyone would admire the bride’s beauty.
I wish I was a river.
Everyone would wash away their stains.
I wish I was a retriever.
Everyone would play me & forget their pains.
I wish I was a tramp.
Everyone would show mercy on me.
I wish I was a lamp.
Everyone would be delighted to see me with Thee.
I wish I was a flag.
Everyone would salute me, whenever I fluttered.
I wish I was a bag.
Everyone would keep their assets treasured.
I wish I was the sound.
Everyone would tune me in their own melodies.
I wish I was a playground.
Everyone would die to stay on the crease.
I wish I was the sky up above.
Everyone would make me their destiny.
I wish I was an eternal love.
Everyone would be pleased in my company.
I wish I was a dream.
Everyone would keep me in their eyes.
I wish I was a beam.
Everyone would view a grand paradise.
I wish I was a stone.
Everyone would step on me to reach success.
I wish I was alone.
Everyone would know the meaning of ‘Loneliness’.


Deepti said...

if u sleep so much when will ur dreams come true!!! get up bro!!!!

The hidden depth.. said...

everyone..almost everyone reaches a stage in life when they wish all these things..tat u ve' pen down..good one!

Anonymous said...

Dreams are just dreams....not reality

vinky said...

very nice poem ,,, i would love to live another life wich cn bring a smile to another person' s face ,,,