Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Shocking Similarity Between Dunkirk & The Prestige

In every Christopher Nolan movie, it is very difficult to crack the Easter eggs in one go. But, here in just one attempt after watching his latest war epic – Dunkirk, I was able to draw one shocking similarity to “The Prestige”. Eager to know what it is, right? Here goes –

There is a scene in Dunkirk which shows the helmets of the deceased soldiers lying on the beach, just like Robert Angier’s hats lying in the forest. Though I felt it was a mere coincidence, but both being Nolan’s masterpiece movies, I couldn’t help but notice this huge similarity. Nolan might have done it intentionally to connect the fact that such an evacuation was nothing less than magic, or a miracle (also called as Miracle of Dunkirk).

Like The Prestige, Dunkirk too plays in three parts. For those who do not know the three parts of The Prestige they are - The Pledge, The Turn & The Prestige. Without giving out any major spoilers for those who haven’t watched, the three parts of Dunkirk is divided into timelines from three different perspectives. That’s all I can give for now. And if you are from the lot of people who haven’t watched any Christopher Nolan movies, please don’t sweat it out. Dunkirk won’t compel you to apply your minds. It simply tugs the deepest corners of your heart with its raw emotions and soul-stirring music by Hans Zimmer.

Nolan never fails to amaze you and this just gets more interesting from here. Maybe there are many more references that are hidden in Dunkirk. Maybe he has hidden Michael Caine somewhere (as a voiceover on some radio). We just have to watch it over and over again, which is a common practice for every Nolan fan.

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