Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Being Worth It!

All the laughs and all the tears
All the courage and all the fears
What’s more worth than your love
or more precious than your time?
If I am worth it, I will have it all
in a moment or in light years.

Why should I let the sands
slip from the hourglass?
I’ll forever hold your hands
till memories horde our dreamlands.
And if I am worth it all, remember,
I’ll do everything that my destiny demands.

No flashy words to please your pain
No flowery language will make me gain
all that I’ve lost while buffering
through my suffering
The only way to you is through you
Being a jerk will fetch no perks.
If I am worth it, I’ll be more
of what you are
I will be worth every drop of rain
that caused a flood of blood
in your veins.
I’ll be worth your kiss,
that for so long I’ve missed.
Till then, love will find us
and we’ll find the love of the whole universe
that’ll grow beyond this little verse.

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